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Sample Monthly Rental Agreement

*For viewing only.  Cannot be edited or printed.  To be signed in office.*

THIS RENTAL Agreement is made on the 1st Day of *sample*


The Landlord hereby agrees to rent to the Tenant, and the Tenant hereby agrees to rent from the Landlord, the premises described below pursuant to the terms and conditions specified in this agreement:


LANDLORD: Nick's Realty Trust (NRT)                          TENANT(S): *sample*                       


Address: 46 Chauncy St.                                                 Address:  *sample*

                Mansfield, MA 02048                  


1. Rental Premises

       The rental premises are those premises described as:  *sample*

2. Term

       Term of the Rental Agreement shall be a 1 YEAR,  month-to-month tenancy beginning on *sample*.  Rents are reviewed           every year.  If there is a rent increase, tenants will be notified by certified mail One month in advance. (Initial: *sample*)

3. Termination

        Either Landlord or Tenant may terminate the Rental Agreement at any time by giving the other party at least one full              calendar month's prior written notice.

4. Rent

       The monthly rent amount for the rental premises is $ *sample* per month. The rent payment must be paid on the FIRST           day of the month at the Landlord's address listed above. The first month's rent and the last month's rent are to be                   paid when Tenant signs this Rental Agreement. The Landlord need not give notice to Tenant regarding Tenant's                     obligation to pay rent.

5.  Security Deposit

       The Tenant shall make a Security and CLEANING deposit of $*sample* to Landlord in order to ensure that Tenant                       complies with all terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement. If Tenant fully complies, Landlord will return the                     security and cleaning deposit within 4 weeks after the date Tenant delivers possession of the rental premises to                       Landlord. If Tenant does not fully comply with the terms of the Rental Agreement, Landlord may use the deposit to                 pay amounts owed by Tenant, including damages.

6.  Occupants

       The rental premises shall be occupied by the following persons only: *sample*


7.  Repairs

       Tenant must take good care of the rental premises and all equipment and fixtures contained therein, Tenant is                          responsible and liable for all repairs, replacements and damages caused by or required as a result of any acts or                      neglect of Tenant, occupants, invitees or guests. If Tenant fails to make a needed repair or replacement, Landlord may            do it and add the expenses to the rent.

8.  Alterations

        Tenant must have Landlord's prior written consent to paint or wallpaper the rented premises or to install any paneling,            flooring, partitions, and railings or make any other alterations. Tenant must not alter the plumbing, ventilation, air-                  conditioning, heating or electric systems. All the alterations, installations and improvements shall become property of            the Landlord when completed and shall be surrendered as part of the Rented Premises at the end of the term.                        Landlord is not required to pay for any of the work performed under this section unless Landlord has agreed to pay in            writing.

9.  Maintenance of Rented Premises

       Tenant shall always maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition. At the end of the term, Tenant will leave the         Rented Premises clean and in good condition besides any ordinary wear and tear. Tenant shall remove all Tenant's                   belongings at the end of the term.  NRT is NOT responsible for the disposal of large items (furniture, beds) anything               other than the household trash in our dumpster.  You understand there is a No Smoking Policy in all of our buildings.  If         you do smoke, then please make sure you exit the building and pick a spot where it does not affect other tenants.                   There are NO exceptions to this.  (Initial:*sample*)

10. Assignment/Subletting Restrictions

       Tenant may not assign this agreement or sublet the Rented Premises without the prior written consent of the Landlord.

11. Utilities/Services

        Tenant is responsible for the payment of all utilities and services, except for the following which will be paid by the                  Landlord: Household Trash Removal, (excluding large items and furniture removal) Snow Removal, Heat (dependent on          rental location) and Lawn Maintenance  

12. Landlord's Right to Enter.

        Landlord may, at reasonable times, enter the Rented Premises to inspect it, to make repairs or alterations, and to show          it to potential buyers, lenders or tenants.

13. Pets

       Tenant may NOT bring or KEEP pets of any kind in the Rented Premises without the prior written consent of the                        Landlord. (Initial *sample*)

14. Laws and Regulations

       Tenant must, at Tenant's expense, comply with all laws, regulations, ordinances and requirements of all municipal, state         and federal authorities that are effective during the term of the lease agreement, pertaining to the use of the premises.         Tenant must not do anything that increases the Landlord's insurance premium.

15. Default/Abandonment.

       If Tenant abandons or vacates the Rented Premises during the Term of this Rental Agreement, Landlord may elect to re-         enter the premises, without liability for prosecution or owing damages to Tenant, and, at this option, relet the Rented             Premises. If the Landlord opts not to relet the Rented Premises, Tenant shall be liable for the remainder of the rent due         under the rental agreement until its expiration. If the Landlord relets the Rented Premises but is unable to relet the                 Rented Premises for as much rent as would have been paid by Tenant during the period between Tenant's                               abandonment and the end of the Term, Tenant shall be liable to Landlord for the difference. Landlord may also dispose         of any property left by Tenant after abandonment without liability and apply the proceeds to reduce any monies owed.

16. Legal Fees

       If Landlord is successful in a legal action or proceeding between Landlord and Tenant relating to the non-payment of             rent or recovery of possession of the Rented Premises, Landlord may, to the extent legally allowable, recover                           reasonable legal fees and costs from Tenant.

17. Respectful Living

        If the Tenant promptly pays the rent and obeys all of the other terms of this Agreement, the Tenant may remain in and            use the Rented Premises without interference by Landlord. Landlord requests all Tenants to be always respectful of one          another so as not to give rise to a contentious situation or create a hostile environment.

18. Binding Obligations and Entire Agreement

       This Rental Agreement is binding on Landlord and Tenant and those that lawfully succeed to their rights or take their              place. Tenant and Landlord have both read this rental agreement and affirm that this rental agreement contains the                entire and only agreement between the parties.

19. Joint and Several Obligations

        If more than one person signs this Rental Agreement as a Tenant, the obligations of all Tenants shall be joint, with each          Tenant assuming full liability for all of the obligations under this Agreement.

20. Additional Terms and Conditions Agreed to by Both Parties:

  • Nick's Realty Trust requires a minimum term of occupancy of six months. Tenant's leaving within this time are subject to forfeiture of all deposits.

  • Unregistered vehicles and/or vehicle repairs are prohibited on Nick's Realty Trust property.

  • Parking Stickers are required for all vehicles.

  • "Lock Out Charge" If Tenant is unable to gain entry to the rented premises, and such liability is not due to the Landlord, the Tenant is subject to a $25.00 fee to have the Landlord provide the Tenant access to the rented premises.

  • Locks must NOT be changed without permission from the Landlord.

  • Late Rent Payments are subject to a $35.00 surcharge plus $5.00 per day (Late is considered after the 5th of the month)

  • Return check fee is $25.00 and the $35.00 Late fee

21. Landlord strongly recommends that Tenant(s) acquire Renters Insurance in order to protect their personal

      Property (Initial:*sample*)

This agreement is effective when Landlord delivers copy(ies) signed by all parties to the Tenant(s).

The parties have signed this agreement in duplicate when necessary below.

               *sample*                                                                                *sample*                        

Landlord or Landlord's Authorized Agent                         Date

               *sample*                                                                               *sample*                             

Tenant                                                                                   Date

                *sample*                                                                               *sample*                          

Tenant                                                                                   Date

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